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Everything always comes my way!

I stumbled upon some words said by a friend entrepreneur and they inspired me to go further down that road. For all the people who believe they struggle through their own manifestations, I bow before your natural majesty. You are at the cusp of finding yourself anew... read more

“I am on the quest to finding myself… my True Self”

A few days ago, a reader sent me an email and wrote the sentence above which resonated with me strongly and led me to the following, very clear, answer: “You are already complete!” I immediately knew that was the topic of my new article On the path to self-discovery,... read more

How do you learn to trust your heart?

In our last article ‘How do you listen to your heart?’, we learned to listen to our heart which is a great first step on our way to trusting ourselves. But how do we learn to trust our heart: that voice within that whispers improbable words of truth?... read more

Spiritual Healing

As a spiritual healer, I use unique techniques that allow me to get in contact with your inner self and own guru. By working together, you are transformed in ways that connect you with a new reality and the endless possibilities you are ready to discover.


As an international lecturer, I travel throughout the world offering wisdom and inspiration through teachings about the new spiritual masculine and how to use the heart in the world of business.


Arnaud Saint-Paul walks the talk when it comes to spiritual entrepreneurship. Through his writings and workshops he shares his own experiences, his inner self-expansion and his true passion: To be and bring more love to the world.