I stumbled upon some words said by a friend entrepreneur and they inspired me to go further down that road.
For all the people who believe they struggle through their own manifestations, I bow before your natural majesty. You are at the cusp of finding yourself anew amidst the sorrow you might feel. Keep believing in yourself and you will prevail.

Each of us have a transformation to make: expect that everything will always come our way and never expect the contrary which is counter intuitive, counter-natural, etc.
A child, an animal always expect that their universe will always provide whatever they need at that very moment that it is needed and this happens out of love: in the case of the child, love of the parents who provide.

We have to understand, to expect naturally that all that which is needed will be manifested instantly!
This is different from what you believe you need. Manifestation is always a direct representation of what is you. It is actually a part of you which manifests in that moment.

Believing you need other things, events, circumstances, etc. is pure non-sense. You might want to choose otherwise, that is fine. You might select another experience. This is ok and that will be manifested in the next moment or the next, …

Coming into the feeling of that eternal abundance that is what we are made of, that all events come for our utmost growth, that all conspire to serve our needs, always, is our purpose: a purpose of love towards ourselves.

The day we can feel it to the bottom of our heart. The day we are fully present to ourselves, that day, we can be and become at the same time, be our natural self, live and expect, expect and live that which we really are, letting go of all constructs, expectations, past and future, the Alpha and the Omega.

All these words and concepts seem absolute and out of reach, but we can definitely begin to live them gradually, learning and more importantly enjoying ourselves.

Texts, words define a door toward what is possible but always describe a defined, structured state toward which we can aim in order to have our own flavor of the experience they describe.

Our own truth lives always in our heart. Following our heart will lead us to our Truth.