In our last article ‘How do you listen to your heart?’, we learned to listen to our heart which is a great first step on our way to trusting ourselves. But how do we learn to trust our heart: that voice within that whispers improbable words of truth?


By opening ourselves to our own heart, by listening to it, we have created a big pathway to trust our intrinsic nature: Love.

Imagine for a minute! All that which you are opening to are messages, ideas, and information coming from your deepest and most sacred place; that most benevolent part of you which loves you infinitely, unconditionally: your Heart.
From that viewpoint, the next question will then happen to be: how come I do not trust my own heart? Who am I not to trust Love?

Lost in the realm of actions and reactions, of extended identification to the actors of our reality, we do not believe anymore that we can feel love, that we can be love, let alone fall in love with ourselves. The latter would be unthinkable! Therefore, oblivious to our own self, we carry on our daily lives like a sailing boat without helm.

Second step: Trusting

The second step toward our selves is to let it happen. Let go of difficulties, the How-To’s, the techniques and enter a world of ease where all your love shows you the way toward yourself, where no effort is needed, no thoughts, but to feel yourself again and witness, with bliss, your reality unfold.

You then enter the realm of the ever present, the famous “now moment”: when you are fully aware of yourself, now, without the filters and beliefs systems coming from your past or projections to your future.

Then, we accept that whatever our heart sends us is always the very best. We trust that all that we hear, receive, attract in our world is the purest expression of love… for ourselves. And within that love, we will grow and have fun like children in their mother’s embraces.

What was an unshakable concept, when we were children, has been forgotten by being in contact with our daily lives. It is time now to unwind these illusive beliefs and fall in love again with our reality, with our selves… and have fun again!



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