“Follow your heart and intuition, they already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary” — Steve Jobs

Today I received a great question on Twitter that opened for me the gate to this article. After reading this quote from Steve Jobs, my Twitter friend asked me “How do you learn to trust your heart?”. My immediate answer was to first learn to listen to it so that one can find how to trust it.


First step: Listening

Spiritual and personal growth teachings, non-western practices, even religions, all have something in common: they provide answers, tips and techniques sometimes in symbolic manners, others in pragmatic ways that allow us to discover our heart and listen to it while we experience our daily lives. But how to do this “listening”?

The short answer: Listen intently!

The (not so) long answer: The path that connects us with the heart lies beyond the constant turmoil of thoughts, actions and reactions to which we are constantly identifying ourselves with. Listening to our heart means that we need to go deep within ourselves, past our thoughts and be willing to open up to the eternal peace within which our magical music is constantly singing to us. This unique symphony of love that “we are” is the very fabric of our universe.

This means of course we must open to love: love intended for ourselves firstly and not for “another” person present in our lives. Initially, we will get in touch with our love, soon we will become it, and then we will merge with our heart beyond the cluttered existence of thoughts and beliefs.

Thoughts are just a screen, a separation within you. They happen only when you identify, react, or feel related to a belief, event, or person. It is within the unified understanding of the heart that you really experience all that which is you, and become, or better said, remember the being that you truly are.

By letting go of the habit of thinking, entering into a less defined, less controlled reality, our uniqueness will express itself through the experience in our bodies and souls. Our thoughts will even change into efficient soldiers of our heart’s “commands”, enriching immensely our daily lives. And slowly but surely thoughts’ prominence will loosen and open the way to a marvelous experience of love, moving our awareness from the paradigm of mind, the doer, to the one of heart, the being.

You will become One… with yourself.

On my next blog:

The second step: Trusting Stay tuned!