A few days ago, a reader sent me an email and wrote the sentence above which resonated with me strongly and led me to the following, very clear, answer:

“You are already complete!”

I immediately knew that was the topic of my new article 🙂

On the path to self-discovery, we have been led to believe that there is a far away goal that we must attain in order to find and be our True Self.
Nothing can be further from the truth!

The way our mind is structured and trained, champion of the logical explanations and “real” assertions of our reality, bring us to the belief that some goal must be reached. Not only that belief comes from our inherently flawed mind pattern but it nourishes itself from some low self esteem behavior.
Looking for further “difficulties” and “obstacles”, your mind will then look for all the self-help books, workshops, etc. that will teach you “from a mind perspective” to “climb the ladder of self empowerment”. These “difficulties” on which the mind thrives create your experience of an arduous and lengthy process that is necessary anyway at some point of our evolution.

However, the mind cannot conquer your True Self. Nor can it become your most divine expression. It is intrinsically impossible as it is not its purpose for which we have designed it for!
You therefore need to go through a mutation of your own definition of yourself, making a transition from the ego-I to the heart-I. When the ego vanishes in front of your divine love, that is becoming more and more transparent in order to let you feel and become your own heart, you experience a paradigm shift and enter your most and infinite divine expression of yourself.

For this to happen, you must understand and integrate that you are already your True Self. Nothing is missing! You are already complete.
You just haven’t realized it yet. That’s all!
You must also understand and follow the easiest path toward yourself, the one that is uncomplicated and simple, the one that allows you to bloom.

So Now is the time for you to dive into Love, your own love for you and the “others” and find out, at last, that


“Within Love are all the answers”