Since my latest adventures, I have been surrounded by beautiful souls who fight for their dreams. This is a homage to them all. I dedicate this article to all entrepreneurs and more specifically to Roxana and Stephen.

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Entrepreneurs are a rare breed in our societies. Their head in the sky, their hands and feet on the ground, they share one common quality that so few have or even dream of: once they resonate with an idea, a project, they follow wholeheartedly, without looking behind their creation, and will not rest before it becomes manifested, before it is a reality.
Akin to Gods, they set a path and decide where, how and when their creation should be shaped and work tirelessly, with all their might, toward the realization of their dream.
A rare breed indeed are these ones who see clearly in their heart that which is to unfold, and accept sometimes humbly, that their creation can take many different forms while it becomes tangible.
News will show the successes and sometime nemesis of these dreamers, those ones who dare to explore a new world of possibilities, potentially shaping the world as we know it. Using their hands, heart and mind, they define what is possible and envision a path to make it real and insert it into our realities bringing in their growth, innovation, abundance and new ways of living for all.

Their heart is the whole engine behind all these creations. That’s what leads entrepreneurs and also early employees, investors, etc. to imagine that new path and risk it all to “make it happen.”
Some will fail, fewer will become a great success and reference, others will have their creation grow until they sell it and then focus on their new project.
One thing is certain: startup entrepreneurs all follow their passion focusing on what is to be and bringing it out of the unknown into our reality. And the lesson that they teach us all is the unwavering belief in themselves and in their wildest dreams.

I am proud and honored to share my life with such individuals, women and men, who dare to dream a new world amid all the apparent adversities and challenges. More so, I am grateful and humbled to be a part of them.