This is the second part of a serie on the importance of Change and what it implies in our daily lives. If you haven’t already, it is highly recommended that you read the first part of the series.


It is only through the transformation of our beliefs and change of perspective, by leaving aside old systems and diving into the new ways that we can evolve and become a better, more successful being: an enhanced version of ourselves.

For this to happen we must first learn to trust ourselves, not only should we trust our capacity to change and cope, but also trust that we will always find at the perfect moment the information, event, or encounter needed for our evolution.

Such trust conveys the necessity to include in one’s reality the element of faith in oneself, aka the certitude that we will always find the right answer.

Then, beyond the realms of doubts, generated by our thoughts, beyond our minds, we can enter into a grander version of ourselves.

When was the last time that you trusted yourself and others? Do you believe in yourself? Do you have faith?


Trust and faith are qualities we cannot find in our minds as they transcend the scope of our own thoughts. They come from our heart, synonym of love in all our traditions and more importantly, in our own experience, which is a far greater component of our experience and personality than one would “think”. We usually believe that our thoughts define our individuality but it is through the heart that all that we live is experienced and defined. The mind, illusory master of our thoughts, has a very secondary role even if we are not aware of it at first.

All our past historical evolution, the different philosophies and traditions, science, technology, the pace at which societies merge into one sole community, shows us the path toward only one direction: it is paramount to let go of segregation in its broadest sense, judgments, doubts, letting go of the world of the mind and entering into a new life made out of trust, faith, unity, and … love!


Embrace the world of the heart,
This is our mission, this is our life!