Quantum Reality™

Become the Master of your Life, Release your Blockages

See your emotional blockage or outdated belief system vanish before your eyes.

In one session, we will connect with the part of you that wants to be released and transform it through words, energy healing and regression using unique techniques: Quantum Perception™ and Axiatonal Visualization™.

The Axiatonal Integration™ Initiation is strongly advised prior to any of the Quantum Reality sessions.


What is Quantum Reality™ solving?

We tend to collect in our energy field emotional blockages or outdated beliefs systems that “clog our system” or in other words, interrupt our flow. Actually, they were there for us to have specific experiences until they become obsolete.
These blockages manifest in our lives and produce effects that we cannot ignore anymore (ongoing conflict with someone, depression, physical illness, …).

When this happens we perceive in our life a definite need to change from the issue materialized in our reality to a freer version of ourselves. We therefore choose to change our viewpoint so that the initial identified ‘issue’ becomes less relevant (or we become more neutral towards it). This change of viewpoint commands a shift in our energy field releasing the initial blockage (emotional blockage and/or belief system).

We are now back in flow on this specific aspect of ourselves. Our reality then automatically changes to reflect the new configuration in our energy body; the undesirable effect has disappeared.

Usually this process takes weeks, months or even years to be completed.


Why the name Quantum Reality™?

This method created by Arnaud Saint-Paul enables everybody to experience in our day to day lives the eight interpretations of quantum mechanics as described in the book “Quantum Reality” from the quantum physicist Nick Herbert: the Copenhagen interpretation, “Reality is an undivided wholeness.”, the many-worlds interpretationQuantum logicNeorealism (“The world is made of ordinary objects.”), “Consciousness creates reality.”, “The duplex world of Werner Heisenberg.”

Let’s allow magic enter our world and have fun together!


How does Quantum Reality™ works?

The process described above can be done on our own but it is usually easier and faster at first to have the help of a practitioner.

Using the unique Quantum Reality™ process, the therapist will use several techniques to facilitate the transformation that is needed:

  • Quantum Perception™: using his Empathy and words to direct the energy, the practitioner will detect with the client’s help the more prominent blockage as well as the underlying origins of such blockage;
  • Axiatonal Visualization™: once the underlying origin has been identified, a channeled visualization or regression will take place as well as an energy healing session will be provided to the client in order for him to be able to accelerate the process and complete the transformation of the outdated belief system.

Within the session the release process of the identified blockage will be completed.

The client will then experience in his/her life the effect of the transformation as reality begins to reflect the new configuration of his/her energy field.


Why do I need the Axiatonal Integration™ before?

The Axiatonal Integration™ enables connections in your energy body in order to accelerate and therefore facilitate change. With such new connections not only can you change more easily but more importantly you can now take your destiny in your own hands.

A client who has not gone through the Axiatonal Integration™ will not be able to change as efficiently.


How fast Quantum Reality™ works?

Changes are instantaneous. Some clients, who had an Axiatonal Integration™ prior to a Quantum Reality™ session, have reported to experience the effect of the release the very same day. However, depending on the released blockage and the individual, it could take up to a few weeks.


Do I need to attend a lot of Quantum Reality™ sessions?

Our objective is for you to become the Master of your life (as you should be), helping you to remember how powerful you are.

As you release more blockages, your vibrations raises and therefore it becomes easier for you to apply the same techniques that we will teach you as you practice them in session.



Arnaud guided me toward the light of life again...

“Every once in a while I think we all have extraordinary, unexpected encounters that change our lives. Meeting Arnaud Saint-Paul for the first time was one such encounter. I was experiencing emotional pain, pain I was desperate not to reveal. Arnaud, however, sensed it immediately and in turn, I felt an inexplicable trust in him. Within moments of meeting he made a strong connection with me. His message of love released me from my anxiety and gave me a positive place to focus my energy. Arnaud guided me toward thelight of life again with even more joy than before! Arnaud’s teachings are fundamental and applicable to all of us because they are based on love, which is something we all have. ” ~ Laura M., Executive Coach


“Thank you for having shared a little bit of what you know, you have put me on my road which I follow one step at a time. At each step I have a thought filled with gratitude for you! Thank you Arnaud.” ~ Michele B.

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